Ask and you shall receive?

Yesterday I wrote my post about the beer that I’ve been waiting for. Today I find out the guy that asked me, lets call him Steve, is traveling down to Wisconsin again. I guess his brother is picking up the dog he had and they are meeting 1/2 way.

Now I didn’t hear this from him. I haven’t heard anything from him.

I heard it from his boss, lets call him Jake.

I texted Jake to say I went out of my way to complete something for him. He said next weekend he was buying me drinks. I immediately got super excited. I even told him I didn’t believe it but he said he was buying and it was going to be a good one.

Then I stopped in my tracks… he said, I’ll see if I can get Steve to come with and posted the heart for eyes emoji.

What was that? All along I thought him and I had something going on. Maybe he thought I really didn’t like him? Maybe he is with his fiancé? Maybe he’s just being nice? Fuck I have NO IDEA!

I told him no, that Steve has been AWOL since he asked me out. He told me Steve’s been working 60 hours a week and to be patient. How freaking patient can a girl be before a first date?

But then – how is that – to hang out with your crush and a guy that asked you out on the same night? Well, that’s weird.

I guess I’ll see if he comes out Friday night. Regardless I’m a little nervous and really excited. Guess I have to clean my house for real this weekend.


Ok I’ve got to go to a 2 hour yoga session now. Pray I don’t barf, I had a big stinky lunch.



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