Understanding the diet

Featured photo: my non-refrigerated lunch

I stopped cooking after my ex left. Maybe before, I can’t remember. I became the take-out queen or I’d prepare quick heat up meals meant for 3-4 people. I might make a tasty pizza and eat the entire thing. I’d get take-out swearing I’d order 2 meals, thinking I’d eat one for another meal- no I ate both for one meal.

I knew portion control was my issue. I also knew the type of foods I was eating was an issue. It was rare if I ate veggies or fruit.

Somehow today I’ve gotten 2 fruits and 3 servings of veggies in today. It was actually a lot of food. I realize the portions I’ve been most upset with on this diet, it’s just the main player. I need to fill the rest of my plate with veggies!

I almost had too much food to eat today. If I can get a habit of eating smaller portions and more veggies, I have to lose weight, right?

I’ve been tracking my calories, I’ve gone from over 3,000 calories to just over 1,000 calories. 1,000 calories!

I really hope something happens. I’m excited to gain a habit regarding potion control. It should really help with saving money, less food to eat? Less eating out. Pretty excited to keep it going. Now will I join that gym again?


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