Who do you love

Featured photo: my homemade latte type beverage. 

In the words of John Mayer, “Who do you love? Me or the thought of me.”

I’ve thought about that. Guys I have crushes on or even what guys might think of me. I may come off as a tough, gruff, I’ll fix it myself, independent lady. And maybe I am. Maybe everyone is emotional and has weak points. Maybe everyone has an exoskeleton but something much softer and weak underneath. 

I like to give off the appearance I’ve got the world at my finger tips and that I choose my destiny but part of me knows it’s just dumb luck. I sit in the couch more than I do the awesome things I’d rather be known for. Am I sham? Meh, maybe slightly. 

But take this homemade latte I made. It’s not really a latte. It’s coffee with heated/whipped 2% milk in it. But it’s got foam like a latte. It’s more than just coffee but honestly it’s just coffee. 

What do I love? The actual thing or the thought of it? 

Deep John Mayer… deep. 


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