Calm before the storm

Featured image: a view from a city park in my town

I’m tired. I don’t know if it’s the gym, my poor eating habits, or that I’m actively walking sites rather than walking from my desk to the couch. 

Last night I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to write more than a few sentences but I did it! Problem is it didn’t post last night and I noticed that today. 

And while I feel like I am keeping up with one image/one blog per day… I failed my diet, didn’t make my bed and didn’t even clean my house today. I was exhausted!

My active work day finished at noon and I passed out for a good hour after work. To be fair my alarm went off at 5:30 am so I could get paperwork done before being on-site again today. 

I got to see our wastewater treatment plant. I won’t describe the flowing rivers I saw… but it’s exactly what you think. Let’s call it, toilet flushings. The plant itself is ridiculously well kept and clean. Complete opposite of what flows through it. 

I got to see pump houses, lift stations, and talk to the cemetery sexton. I didn’t know that they dig graves in the winter! They have a heater the size of a plot and it warms up the ground so they can dig! I find it extremely interesting. 

Though my day seemed busy, it was calm, sunny and quiet. 

My friends come into town tomorrow night and I’m hosting a party on Friday. Saturday is an event and essentially all day drinking. But with that comes the cold and the snow. A storm that starts Thursday and won’t end until Saturday night. 

The calm before the storm in every fashion. But it should be fun!


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