You’re only 37 once. Obviously, I only got one shot at 35 and 36 but sometimes I think I let those years go to waste getting over a horrible relationship. I keep swearing I’ll drop 40 lbs, even though I’m closer to being 100 lbs overweight. I tell myself I’ll get to the gym, I’ll stick to a diet, I’ll live each day to the fullest and I’ll stop disliking the human race long enough to meet another person to date. So many wishes on years that have passed me by with nothing to show.

The goal is to journal each day, with a picture I took, of being 37. In hopes that I push myself enough to have a story to tell. A story of each day of my life that passes and never comes again. In hopes that I don’t waste another Saturday night eating pizza while I play online games and watching TV alone, and yea, that is what I’m doing right now. In hopes that I go on more dates, that I travel more and see the sun each day it decides to pop out of the clouds!

I suppose it’s actually day 2, but you get a free day on your birthday. My birthday was yesterday. I am officially 37 years old. I grew up without birthday celebrations. My family was religious, the kind who don’t celebrate many holidays or any birthdays. I was still a good kid, but I had my rebellious periods.

I was the first of my family to go to college. I moved away and started at 25 in a far away town. I graduated 5 years later at 30, but all my friends were 23. I found a job right away and was fortunate to stay in this sleepy little college town. Now 7 years later I am still in this town, by choice. I purchased a house 3.5 years ago, and now I live with my parent’s dog and my ex’s two cats. Their backlog will come later.

With that, yesterday, my birthday started off with the Sled Dog Races. They start in my town and loop 240 miles back. The starting line is downtown on the main street – filled with snow. I had dinner with a few friends, watched the dogs and then had a few drinks. Today, day 2 was ridiculously warm for February. It’s normally below 0 degrees and today was almost 60 degrees. I had the sunroof open and walked the dog, stepping through the slushy snow but only wearing a tshirt and hoodie while getting a sunburn on my pale winter face.

I also got my new couch today! My old couch was at an apartment from a previous roommate that had found it on the side of the street years before. I’ve had possession of said couch for 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS. Though, I am still in possession of said couch, and new couch and my living room is a little bit crazy right now. I’ve got facebook ads out for a free couch for whomever wants it but I expect to have it until the city dump opens in May or June.

We can get into more of my backstory in the future… and hopefully this blog will be more interesting with each day forward. But if I can even commit to writing about the days I’ve gotten more exercise… I’ll be a happy camper.


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